The Iron Man Is Back

For­mer Pow­er and Groovy So­ca Monarch Shur­wayne Win­ches­ter has turned up the tem­po with the re­lease of his pow­er so­ca Come Back. In­fused with the iron and brass rhythm, the song is about the el­e­ments which make up pow­er so­ca and Car­ni­val resur­fac­ing in 2019 so­ca. Not­ing that for some time there had been a lull in the pow­er so­ca, Win­ches­ter, in an in­ter­view, said mas­quer­aders were cry­ing out for its re­turn. But, it was af­ter see­ing Su­perblue per­form live on a tele­vi­sion show last De­cem­ber that the iron man was awak­ened. 
“When they gave him the mi­cro­phone every­thing trans­formed when I lis­tened to the melod­ic struc­ture of the song, you could feel that au­then­tic Su­perblue in it, he did not try to change it. He did not try to move away from who he was. “I said Shur­wayne, look how every­thing just came back,
the pow­er so­ca came back 2019, rags and flags came back, brass is back in the songs peo­ple jump­ing and wav­ing and get­ting all ex­cit­ed again.” Win­ches­ter re­called that just af­ter he (Win­ches­ter) left the me­dia house he came up­on a rhythm sec­tion. “I could hear it ring­ing out and right there it hit me, Shur­wayne why are you try­ing to change who you are,” he said. He ex­plained that while his fans adored his sweet melod­ic voice, he was al­so wide­ly known for his pow­er so­ca which gave birth to the iron man. “And I was fight­ing so hard to get away from that, than just be­ing brand­ed the iron man...but the truth is it is what made the brand Shur­wayne Win­ches­ter,” he said. Just as Su­perblue is about rags and flags and jump­ing up, he said, “Shur­wayne is the iron man and I will nev­er try to change who I am. I will en­hance it.” Win­ches­ter said he start­ed jot­ting down the lyrics while dri­ving. “The first line was to my­self, what you wait­ing for.” He then con­tact­ed Stadic, sang a verse to him and he im­me­di­ate­ly asked him to come to the stu­dio. We knew we need­ed that iron and for that tone and rhythm, we need­ed Neil Bernard who I worked with orig­i­nal­ly with Dead or Alive, Open the Gate and Can’t Wait. Neil said, yeah, and the chem­istry just start­ed build­ing from there.” 

So de­ter­mined was he to get the best out of it, he said, the fi­nal prod­uct was the 11th ver­sion of the song. 

“Our body and mas­quer­aders know when you hear the right song your heart start to race slight­ly, you start to get a cold sweat on your brow be­cause you are an­tic­i­pat­ing that some­thing is about to hap­pen and that is the feel­ing I got when I stood in front the mi­cro­phone to put down the song and I said God, thank you.” Say­ing he was done try­ing to change who he was and sec­ond-guess­ing his abil­i­ty, he said, “I can tell you this race­horse is on point, fo­cus and ready to go and the great­est part about it is that it is all for the mas­quer­aders, not for the ti­tle. “ On whether his pow­er­ful fast pace track will win him his third Road March ti­tle, he said, “That is left to the mas­quer­aders.” His song has been re­ceiv­ing tremen­dous pos­i­tive re­views. Win­ches­ter said his fo­cus over the last two years was not pow­er so­ca, but on tai­lor­ing his per­for­mances for fes­ti­vals abroad. He last per­formed in Switzer­land. “But, there is noth­ing like our so­ca, noth­ing like pow­er.” He re­mind­ed his fans about his Ad­dic­tion All In­clu­sive break­fast par­ty at his res­i­dence on Feb­ru­ary 24. Lat­er that night he will be join­ing Shall Mar­shall and oth­er artistes at Min­gle “one of the biggest boat rides out of Toron­to.” He is al­so host­ing his con­cert Shur­wayne The Xpe­ri­ence at Es­tate 101 in Mar­aval on Feb­ru­ary 20, and per­form­ing with him will be De­stra, Iw­er George and Swap­pi.

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